December 12th, 2009

September was a month of settling in, recovering, and beginning the routine of lessons and school. It began with an extra week with my Gigi, and ended with a wedding, which I will post next. Here are the few photos I took in September…

 September is usually the hottest month here. Seth enjoyed the sprinkler and pretended he could fly through rain. Ian stood at a safe distance from the sprinkler Peter put together this antique slide for the boys to used in the house It came from Honey’s estate (Thank you, Uncle Garin!) and has been a great distraction from the couches! On Labor Day we celebrated Darrell’s birthday with a pool party and a family dinner at Mom and Dad’s. Uncle Garin helped Seth with his swimming :-) Ian got warm in the sun with Auntie Jane I’m so thankful that we have family who loves the children and invests their time in them. The brown club! My Gigi stayed for an extra week into Setember with me… Thank you so much for ministering to me after the Brocks left, playing with the boys as they missed their cousins, and being a light in our home! I love you! It was Darrell’s birthday party! Yes, Peter was tired, but happy to be celebrating with his cousin. ;-) It was Bekah’s family birthday celebration, too!  I love the blowing help she got :-) Darrell didn’t need any help :-) We love you so much, Darrell, and pray God’s perfect will be done in your life. We went with Noel to the Simi Vally Days Parade… to see David drive a float! Go Dave! The boys got kazoos, candy, and frisbees thrown at them! :-) This was the boy’s first parade! It was a wonderful morning! Thank you for taking us, Noel!

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November 25th, 2009

Wait! August isn’t done until Bekah’s birthday is celebrated!

The Partridges hosted a beautiful party for Rebekah at their home…

 Daddy helping set up for the party.     first year collage  Happy birthday, Rebekah! and congratulations to her mommy! party favors! and watermelon! and a pool party! guests :-) Eden, six months, and Rebekah one year. first guy girl cousins! :-) adorable enjoying the water and playing with daddy Ian loves and can say “Bekah”! part of the Partridges beautiful patio birthday bouquet Aunt Abby’s leap and splash! David showin’ the boys how to flip Jerome gives it a shot then it’s Seth’s turn shortly hereafter Seth bit into his knee and jammed his front teeth. He slept through the rest of the party while I held him, so Peter finished taking pictures for Bekah. Happy birthday to you, Bekah! first birthday cake yummy! all done :-) Eden enjoying Bekah’s gifts! time for presents!   We love you, darling Bekah! Happy first birthday!

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November 24th, 2009

My friend Laura brought her famous yummy pasta salad for lunch and took family photos for us! Laura, they are priceless treasures, thank you so much for the pictures!

My family, I cannot express my gratitude for you. Thank you for visiting us in our new home, thank you for blessing us.

I love you.

 Laura photographed the children making their way through the orchard up to the barn for photos. Laura got some individual portraits of the children first. Ian Seth (you can see where the cormorant kissed him) Ethan Corynn Jerome Our turn! Regina cracks me up! :-) all lined up goin’ down to the Sycamore tree where there’s a breeze! waiting for everyone to gather Jerome and Ethan cousins Jerome under the Sycamore Ethan cutie :-) Corynn under the sycamore Clara!precious Seth playing with Mema My boys and I Vanessa with her brood Gigi with her nieces and nephews! the Nicolosi sisters profiles hahaha! I love you, Gigi! fun times are guaranteed… when Gigi’s here! Gigi and Tank! Twins I love you, Nessers! Vann enjoyed his camera that he got fixed while out here! Clara snuggled with her mama. and we all enjoyed our last day all together. We snapped a group photo before going out to sushi for dinner! And I read one last book to the children before putting them to bed for their last night here this trip. That was our favorite thing to do together…or at least Clara’s and mine. :-) What a marvelous visit.

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November 24th, 2009

Miscellaneous photos from our last week together:

 Mom and Dad’s pool was a wonderful respite from the heat…even for Raven. the deep end. Brett stayed an extra day with us, it was so nice to visit with him! My beautiful Gigi Seth! with Barlow cousins! Peter climbed up on Mom and Dad’s roof to snap this photo of the smoke cloud. Vann and Vanessa were able to give a presentation at our church the last Sunday they were here. Vanessa had the children stand up and sing “My God is So Great!” and Jerome wanted to join them! Vann built these for the boys toy storage in their room! He studied the ones that I wanted from Ikea, took me there to purchase the buckets, sat down with a pen and paper for a while and whipped this out in a day! It has been such a great solution for the boys! This was a free standing old sink in the laundry room. Vann found a scrap of countertop, shoved the washing machine against the wall, mounted the drinking water, and built this very useful counter! Vanessa is varnishing the desk Vann built for my office. It’s beautiful and it fits perfectly in this tiny room! How very grateful I am for all Vann’s hard work and blessing us so much during their stay! This is part of their house warming/anniversary gift for us…it holds many sweet memories. facepainting! fierce. sweet Clara cleaned up and sitting on a cart? ClaraIan

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November 24th, 2009

 with the Brocks, Mema, Gigi, and Brett!

 The very back seat… the driver and first bench and the middle bench…of a rented 11 passenger van! gumballs after fish tacos! Brett and Gigi Seth and Ian found little chairs just their size at the Indian bazaar :-) waiting patiently in World Plus they look like siblings :-) a wall of cousins thanks for the sunglasses, Mema! Brett really does have Ian in a safe grip… and Ian has Brett! Cynthia joined us for the afternoon walking around Santa Barbara! thanks for the photo, Cynthia! since I love that wall, and these people :-) street crossing…it was an adventure just to stay together! time for icecream! and this is what the sugar did to Jerome…he did this many times! snakes! the boys said they were heavy! Ethan with his snake Seth with a snake Jerome with a snake the balloon man was right down the street from the snake man. Clarebear with her balloon on the way to the beach! Ian and Tank with Mema Ian LOVES Tank! They’re just the right size for each other :-) is there a happier place? beach boys Mema enjoying the beautiful Santa Barbara afternoon at the beach. Ian and I Peter and Vann getting out the kite Mema and Vanessa…documenting the SB beach there’s the Civic Arts and the Marmonte where I shot Matt and Tiffany’s wedding! I love the light and the colors and the boys! launching and it’s up! with very little wind and a lot of work. while we were all watching the kite’s flight… Seth found a friend. He put his face a little too close to this cormorant and got a scratched forhead for a greeting! I didn’t see it happen, but there were lots of people gathered to watch this beautiful bird and when they learned that Seth is my son, they shared the incident. Seth wasn’t phased in the least and the cormorant went back to sea. Clara needed daddy’s help to see where the bird went. I love this shot of Ethan enjoying the beach! Clara enjoying the sand! :-) Ian and Clara Vanessa bringing the kids and some treasures back from scavenging :-) Jerome making his way back to the car :-) Santa Barbara harbor the end of a wonderful, beautiful, memorable day!

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